Contributions to Dance

Prasanna's major dance accomplishments

Guru Prasanna Kasthuri life time achievements include many milestones. Being a dedicated dancer, he spent mostly dancing. 

He is the only Male Bharathanatyam dancer to achieve 24-hour non-stop Marathon Bharathanatyam performance. He did it in 1986. It still stands high in the sky as a greatest accomplishment for any young artist.

Bahulya (2009) - Multiligual, Multi Culture Bharathanatyam Performance
Zero (2010)  - a dance presentation on Mathematician Aryabhatta
Bhakti Patha - a dance production on Nava vidha Bhakti (Nine kinds of devotion)
Mruchchakatika (2012) -  a second century production with a cast of 40 artists
Vismaya (2014) -  Experimental Dance on existence of human beings in Universe

Milan - Kathak - Tap collaboration

Anubhava Mantapa(2002) - Dance reflection of 12th century Sharana literature
Om Ganesha - Story of hindu deity - Ganesh's birth and his life
Kadu Kuniyithu (1987) -Dance production for children on the story of animals
Kavya Kinkini (1989) - A Bharathanatyam repertoire based on poetry from Kannada epics
Subhadra Parinaya (1991) - A Sanskrit dance drama from Mahabharatha
Shrungara Naayakaru (1994) - A Portrayal of Romantic heroes corresponding to the Nayikas of Indian dance.
Rasa Gati (1996) - Adoption of Rasa theory and Carnatic tala structures
Jnana (1998) - Mini dance drama based on moral stories
Avataara (1999) - Metaphysical interpretation of incarnations
Cherishnu (2000) - A dance spectacle of Bengali literature
Silambu(2002) - Dance drama based on 2nd century Tamil epic Silappadikaram
Maarga (2002) - A Bharathanatyam dance repertoire
Thoughts(2002) - A thought provoking dance presentation based different works of philosophers of India
Rainbow - I (2004) - English poems into Indian Solo dancing
Katha Kahe Kathaka (2004) - Presentation of Kathak dances
Rhythms in Motion (2005) – Rhythms across the life
Shaam - e - Kathak (2006) – Dances on Ghazals - love-lorn songs
Rainbow - II (2006) – English poems into Indian Dancing with a Grammy award winning musician
Works of Amir Khusro and Sri Aurobindo (2006)
Call of Flute (2007) – USA’s first Indian opera through classical music and dance of India
Nal Damayanti (2007) – Story of Nal and Damayanti

Dokka Seethamma & Heerkani (2008) – Two stories of Great Indian women
Tiger & Merchant (2009) – A children short dance drama

Dashaavatara – 10 incarnation of Lord Vishnu -  May 2015
Bal Khand of Tulsi Ramayan in Kathak Style –  May 2015
“Sathyabhama che Garv Bhang” (in Gujarati), “Yama aur Nachiketa” (in Gujarati); “Bhakta Prahladan” (based on 12th century tamil work - :Kamba ramayanam”)


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